E-flex 27,000 liters

May 12 2018

Take advantage in shipping your light liquid cargo with the new innovative product of higher capacity E-flex 27,000 liters, the new innovative product developed by Liquatrans!

The E-Flex 27,000 litres is the highest capacity flexitank in the industry. It is designed for products which have a lower specific gravity than 1 tone/cbm. Shippers with such products were not able to make the loadings up to the weight limit in many parts of the world as the highest available capacity for flexitanks was 24,000 litres. So, with the new E-Flex 27,000 liters, shippers will be able to load up to 27,000 litres and still be within the weight restriction of 24 tons for most parts of the world. In effect, such an increase in capacity saves over 8 % in shipping costs. Edible oils, such as olive oil, sunflower oil, rapeseed oil, as well as fatty acids, base oil, palm oil are just a few of the products that can take advantage of E-Flex 27,000 litres flexitank.

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