I-flex is designed for temporary or medium term static storage of liquids

It is a cost effective liquid tank, good for outdoor storage of liquids.

Every I-flex is tailor made, up to 75,000 litres.

It has multiple usage for a period of up to one year in outdoor space.


  • Designed for indoor and outdoor static storage for liquids
  • The ideal solution for urgent liquid storage needs
  • Also ideal for emergency drinking or irrigation water demand
  • Tailor made production for each project, according to customers needs
  • Multiple usage, folded away when empty
  • Available with multiple valves, so simultaneous filling or discharging from multiple valves is available
  • Patented bonnet protection around the valve with a double role for secondary security and hygiene
  • Light weight and compact to deliver when empty
  • Easy to prepare for filling and simple to use
  • Low Residue
  • Environmental Friendly
  • Carbon Foot Print much lower than alternative storage tanks
  • Easy recycling
  • Not applicable for hazardous liquids


  • Volume: 10,000 to 75,000 litres
  • Valve Camlock 2’’ or 3’’
  • Temperature tolerance: -50°C up to + 70°C
  • Multilayer design
  • Resistance against Ultraviolet radiation of direct Sun exposure
  • Food approved raw materials
  • Clean room production (a cleanroom is a controlled envirornment that has a controlled level of contamination)


  • Air release system for liquids that release gases during the storage time
  • EVOH – Oxygen Barrier