Liquid Bulk


Shipping liquids in flexitanks is the ideal solution for transporting large quantities of non-hazardous liquids, generally over long distances in sea traffic.

This transport option is the most economical, with a unitary price per unit of volume lower than any other option used for liquid transport, whether it be barrels, bottles, IBCs, tanks or tank containers. At the same time, flexitank transportation is a safe transport method, Liquatrans’s research and development department being one of the most dynamic and active in this market specialized in liquid transport. The “all risk” cargo insurance policy that we offer to all our customers covers all the risks associated with flexitank transport, from container fitting, loading, transport and unloading.


  • Significant price reductions for equipment purchased together with transport services
  • All risk insurance at special rates negotiated with MAESSTAD BV, the Netherlands via ALFA Logistic Networks network for all the shippers that are buying the freight from us
  • Free advice on necessary equipment, including design of special equipment if needed
  • Free counseling on optimal route


Flexitank is a bulk liquid transport equipment. It is made of several layers of polyethylene with an outer layer of polypropylene woven, with a volume of liquid transported from 14 to 27 thousand liters. It can be used for the transport of non-hazardous liquids using standard sea containers, trucks or railway cars. In other words, a 20 ‘container is changed from transporting dry goods into a transporting liquids. It is a healthy and efficient alternative for bulk liquid shipping. Flexitanks are made using a patented polyethylene blend using components approved by US Food & Drugs Administration (FDA) and certified in accordance with European regulations for the transport of a wide range of liquid food products. They are also approved by international bodies for the transport of liquid products in bulk, being a safe and completely environmentally safe transport and storage option. Liquatrans also holds Halal and Kosher certificates to meet the requirements of all its customers.

Flexitank is a disposable equipment and offers a dynamic, flexible, safe and efficient solution for all bulk liquid transport requirements.

Flexitank can be used both for transporting non-hazardous liquids in containers and semi-trailer trucks, as well as for storing liquids in quantities of up to 70000 liters.


  • Efficient and considerably cheaper than tank containers, tanks, barrels and IBCs.
  • Loadable volume of 15% higher than IBC, 44% higher than barrels and 50% higher than bottles.
  • It does not have any cleaning costs, without the costs of releasing the containers.
  • Low labour for handling, filling and loading
  • Very low positioning costs
  • Faster loading compared to drums and IBCs
  • Lower product loss for unloading
  • No need for forklift to load or unload container
  • No need for intermediate bulk storage
  • Clean and environment friendly, recyclable
  • There is no risk of contamination
  • No return loads needed
  • Maximized payload due to lightweight of equipment
  • No delays due to obtaining bulk tanks because of the imbalance of global freight traffic
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