T-flex is designed for transportation of liquids in standard truck trailers.

It is the first and only flexitank available for trucks.

Designed with an advanced technology with wave breakers, converting a truck-trailer to a road tanker.

It is also applicable for reefer trucks, 40ft ISO and reefer containers.

T-flex is certified by Dekra Germany according to European Norm EN 12642, which describes the minimum requirements for the strength of vehicle bodies.


  • Available for truck-trailers, reefer trucks, 40ft ISO containers and 40ft reefer containers.
  • Easy fitting by two people
  • Patented, robust, wave breaking design providing a stabilized load
  • Single use, hygienic transportation.
  • Eliminates the chemical contamination risk compared to road tanker cleaning process
  • Low Residue
  • Allows return loads of conventional cargo for standard trucks
  • Possibility for economical transportation in remote areas
  • Avoids delays for obtaining tankers due to the imbalance of global freight traffic
  • Maximized payload due to light weight
  • Environmental Friendly
  • Carbon Foot Print 40% less than road tankers due to the availability of return cargo
  • Easy recycling


  • Volume: 12,000 to 26,000 liters
  • Bottom Valve: Camlock 2’’ or 3’’
  • Temperature tolerance: -50°C up to + 70°C
  • Multilayer design with wave breakers
  • Tested and certified by Dekra Germany EN12642 Commercial vehicle bodies Code XL
  • Food approved raw materials
  • Clean room production  (a cleanroom is a controlled environment that has a controlled level of contamination)
  • Not suitable for hazardous cargos